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Laurell K. Hamilton Joins Ravens in the Library

It's official!

Three weeks and one day after satyrblade made a passing comment to her saying "maybe I'll even edit a benefit anthology for s00j," all the necessary papers are taken care of and Laurell K. Hamilton has donated a tale to the Ravens in the Library collection.

(If you have not yet heard about the Ravens in the Library benefit anthology, please see my journal here. We're taking preorders now, and expect to release the book on February 22nd.)

The story in question is a stand-alone short. It's neither an Anita Blake nor a Merry Gentry tale. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and we're glad to have it leaven some of the darker goings-on in this collection.

Which story is it? Order the book and find out!

If you haven't already ordered a copy of Ravens in the Library, what are you waiting for? This will be a limited-run publication to benefit independent musician (and friend of Laurell's) S.J. Tucker's recent hospitalization and surgery. This group of authors and artists has never appeared within a single book before, and once this collection goes out of print, it's gone for good.

Check it out!
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