Christy (rinhail) wrote in fans_of_laurell,

A Question

I just joined and have a quick question for all Anita Blake fans. I read on wikipedia, which truly isn't always a reliable site, that Micah and Nathaniel had sex in the shower. I know of Anita and Micah in the shower, but not of Micah and Nathaniel. It was also said that this occured in the new novel "Bullet". I've read the novel and find nothing more than sexual references of Micah and Nathaniel.

So, does this happen in a later novel? I'm sure it doesn't even exist at all, but it sure would be exciting. However, even if it does exist Anita would have to be involved since the series is from her point-of-view. Talk about a let down.

I'm not sure if anything up above is spoilish. If anyone (mod) believes so, please tell me and I'll place under a cut. Thanks.
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