Comet (unaccepatable) wrote in fans_of_laurell,


Just curious, who is your favorite of Laurell's characters?


Also , I am new to LJ, so if you like Laurell K Hamilton, add me <3
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One of my faves too hun! ^_^ (along with Jason, just because he's a cheeky SOB)
For me, Micah and Nathaniel. I'm shallow, so the first and foremost reason is because they're gorgeous, but also because I'm a sucker for the sweet gentlemen, and not in the creepy, stuffy, slightly machievellian Jean-Claude way (though he was my favorite at first). They happen to be shifters too...

But you know, I actually happen to like nearly all her guy characters (at least the ones meant to be liked. Plus Gabriel, he was just hot and sadistic).
I'm right there with you (on the new to LJ part that is, lol) but I prefer Micha and Nathaniel, just because they're both so sweet and the wereleopards are my favourite 'shifters.
Jason, Damien and The Wicked Truth are close runners up though.
Ah, I'm right there with you as well. Though not on the LJ part ;) For some reason, the leopards are my fave shifters too, and of all the men in the Anita Blake series, Micah and Nathaniel just make me swoon. I think because they're sweet and considerate, and vaguely domestic (that makes me laugh a lot). Not to mention beautiful. I have a thing for pretty boys.

Actually, amusingly enough... me and another friend who likes LKH were talking about our ideal person to marry, and.... I had to say Micah. Just because he knows exactly when to put up with Anita, when to just back off and let things be, and when to take action and be practical, little drama involved. And though he sweet and calm, he can be a tease, as revealed in 'Micah'. And is just a little taller than me, lol.

I think Nathaniel's transformation throughout the series is fascinating, and his loyalty to Anita is just heartbreakingly sweet <3
If I had to marry one the boys I'd probably pick Nathaniel over Micha- sometimes I like someone who doesn't seem so laconic all the time, lol. Plus, Micha's shorter than me and bending down is just a pain!
Yeah, Nath's come a long way, I especially loved him standing up to Richard when everyone thought Anita was preggers.
Edward with out a dought.